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Alex Clark, Producer.

Alex Clark has 20 years’ experience directing and producing ambitious, high-rating and critically acclaimed screen productions.  In the past he’s been a staff producer at internationally renowned production company NHNZ, and at leading domestic production company Gibson Group.  He co-owned production company IBC Films for 5 years and has been a freelance producer/director.  For the past 7 years Alex has been the principal of Picture Start Films.

Alex has co-produced two independently-financed feature films, both of which have sold in to numerous international territories.  He has produced award-winning short films and co-produced telefeatures which have been critically acclaimed and ratings successes.  He thrives on working with creative teams on challenging, creatively satisfying screen projects that reach audiences and enrich lives.

Alex is currently in development on a number of feature film and TV projects across a variety of genres, collaborating with talented writers and directors. International co-production is a focus and enquiry is welcomed from international producers seeking a NZ co-producing partner.